LifeNet Reaches 20 Million Patient Visits Since 2012

LifeNet Reaches 20 Million Patient Visits Since 2012

LifeNet International is celebrating an exciting milestone: 20 million healthcare visits for vulnerable patients in sub-Saharan Africa! 

Since 2012, LifeNet has transformed healthcare in 350+ health facilities, providing care to 20 million patient visits in Burundi, Uganda, Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, and the DR Congo. Together with our partners, we are saving lives!

LifeNet is committed to the belief that no one should die of a preventable cause. In sub-Saharan Africa, local health facilities often lack the resources and up-to-date medical knowledge to provide quality care. The poor quality care provided has deadly consequences for African communities.

LifeNet is transforming African healthcare. LifeNet was founded to address the devastating results of poor quality healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa by improving local, faith-based health facilities, where the majority of healthcare is provided. LifeNet’s asset-based model incorporates all local stakeholders, including churches, health centers, and local leaders. Through LifeNet partnership and training, healthcare providers in local facilities are equipped and empowered to provide compassionate, evidence-based care and save lives.

From childbirth to infectious diseases, LifeNet’s 350+ partner facilities are prepared to offer medically-sound, compassionate care for their patients in all circumstances.

Every person should have a chance to live. Meet a local Ugandan mother, Alice Nakawesii. Alice recently gave birth and suffered a postpartum hemorrhage. Thankfully, LifeNet-trained healthcare providers stepped in to provide emergency care and save Alice’s life at Nattyole Health Center.








The compassionate and lifesaving care Alice received at Nattyole Health Center is the kind of healthcare LifeNet believes all people should have access to. One partner facility at a time, we see that belief transform into reality. Healthcare providers in facilities that partner with LifeNet dramatically improve their quality of care and ability to save lives. They are able to properly prevent infections, diagnose and treat infectious and non-communicable diseases, perform infant CPR, manage postpartum hemorrhage, and save many lives.

Each of the 20 million patient visits improved since 2012 is a story. Alice’s life-saving story is just one example of the millions of people whose lives have been saved and improved through LifeNet’s work with local health facilities in Africa.

This 20 million patient visit mark is just the beginning. We will not stop until every person in sub-Saharan Africa has the opportunity to live a healthy and whole life. We invite you to join us for the next 20 million. Every donation will be matched, up to $50,000. Click below to save lives with LifeNet. Your investment will be doubled. Together, we are transforming African healthcare and saving lives!