Time and time again in our visits to partner health centers, our staff hears stories of how highly health centers value our newborn resuscitation training.

5 to 10% of babies born in health facilities need some assistance to begin breathing, and basic neonatal resuscitation can avert 30% of intrapartum-related neonatal deaths. Before receiving LifeNet training, many local nurses employ the practice of holding newborns – who are having difficulty breathing – upside down, believing this will jumpstart their respiratory systems. This practice is useless and even dangerous. Our nurse trainers explain how to recognize a baby in need of help and how to apply the correct technique to help the baby breathe.

In June of 2013, a nurse at Rusagara Health Center related with pride the story of how he applied our training to assess a newborn’s health. He had to resuscitate the newborn and saved his life.

“There was a maternity case one day when I was directing delivery and there was a baby who had an Apgar score that was not good. There was fetal distress and so I applied the resuscitation technique I learned from LifeNet and I succeeded!”

A nurse at another partner health center echoed his experience: “Since LifeNet taught us about the reanimation of the baby, we received two cases of babies whom we delivered being like half-dead. But as we applied the technique you taught us, we reanimated them, and they recovered their normal life. May God continue to bless you in what you are doing. If it was not for this knowledge you taught to us, these babies would have died, but even today, their mothers are meeting us at our church with much joy for having saved their babies.”