LifeNet International Hosts Leadership Summit in Malawi

LifeNet International Hosts Leadership Summit in Malawi

Salima, Malawi: From August 5-9, 2019, LifeNet held a Leadership Summit in Malawi, gathering together all LifeNet Country Directors and other key field staff along with the Vice President of Programs. The Leadership Summit was held at the Kuti Wildlife Ranch in Malawi and served to enrich and develop LifeNet’s leadership team while also building relationships among the team of leaders.

“My favorite part of the Leadership Summit was everyone coming together to work on planning, sharing best practices, and solving problems,” said Vice President of Programs David Scheiman. “At LifeNet, there is no distinction between our Washington office and our field offices. We are all part of the leadership team.”

During this year’s Leadership Summit, Country Directors shared growth strategies, discussed projects, planned for the future, and solved challenges together. The team grew together through team-building activities, including walks in search of wildlife and Baobab trees (pictured above). 

The team is eager to build on the success of the 2019 Leadership Summit, bringing all they learned and discussed back to their respective country programs. Looking to the future, LifeNet will continue to hold Leadership Summits each year, rotating locations between each LifeNet country of operation.

Every year, LifeNet improves more than 1.5 million patient visits in sub-Saharan Africa—including thousands of births. None of this would be possible without the dedicated work and strategic vision of LifeNet leaders. 

About LifeNet International: Founded in 2009 by an entrepreneur, LifeNet International partners with local, last-mile health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa to bridge the deadly gap separating existing knowledge, tools, and resources from the health workers who need them to save lives. LifeNet rapidly and effectively deploys life-saving and life-improving interventions directly to health workers and staff at last-mile facilities. Through its growing franchise network of 170+ facilities, LifeNet transforms healthcare for more than 1.5 million patient visits every year in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Malawi.

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