Nairobi, Kenya: LifeNet International has expanded operations to Kenya, a pivotal step toward the organization’s 10-10-10 vision of impacting healthcare in 10 African countries by 2023. LifeNet has secured partnerships with twelve existing, local, faith-based health facilities in Kenya and will empower them through medical and management training, ongoing quality evaluations, hands-on mentorship, digital training tools, and access to vital tools and equipment. 

LifeNet significantly improves the quality of primary care provided to vulnerable communities. By delivering practical training, tools, and resources directly into the hands of healthcare workers, LifeNet doubles the quality of healthcare they provide and ensures every partner health facility can operate sustainably. Over the next year, LifeNet expects to improve 72,000 patient visits including 636 infant deliveries, leading to many lives saved and improved. 

LifeNet is pursuing its 10-10-10 vision to save and improve millions of additional lives. By the end of 2023, the organization will work in 10 countries, improving 10 million patient visits annually and will do so at a cost of $10 million annually (USD). In 2012, LifeNet launched its asset-based model of healthcare development, beginning with 10 faith-based primary healthcare facilities in Burundi. Today, LifeNet partners with 320+faith-based primary healthcare facilities in Burundi, Uganda, the DRC, Malawi, and now Kenya. These facilities provide life-saving, compassionate care for more than 5 million patient visits every year. 

About LifeNet International: Founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Michael Spraggins, LifeNet International partners with local, faith-based health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa to bridge the deadly gap separating existing knowledge, tools, and resources from the health workers who need them to save lives. LifeNet rapidly and effectively deploys life-saving and life-improving interventions directly to health workers. Through its growing network of 320+ facilities, LifeNet transforms healthcare for more than 5 million patient visits every year in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, and Malawi.

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