LifeNet International Expands Operations to Malawi

LifeNet International Expands Operations to Malawi

Partnerships with 12 local health centers expected to improve 132,048 patient visits by 2019

Lilongwe, Malawi: LifeNet International (LN) has expanded operations to Malawi, a major step toward the organization’s 2030 vision of impacting healthcare in 10 African countries. LN has secured partnerships with twelve existing local health facilities in Malawi and expects to improve 132,048 patient visits in the coming year through in-person medical and management training with local health workers, alongside in-depth quality assurance. LN’s expansion to Malawi was made possible by a partnership with MBF (Medical Benevolence Foundation). LN is grateful to partner with MBF to strengthen the health ministries of churches in Malawi, as they proclaim the gospel in word and deed.

“LN’s potential impact in Malawi is great because of the burden of disease, the low quality of current health services, and the large volume of patients who frequent the health facilities we serve,” said LN Executive Director Stefanie Weiland. “Malawians are warm and welcoming, and the quality partnerships we can create there make the potential impact even greater.” 

LN is dedicated to strengthening health systems through asset-based development, leveraging existing resources to maximize return on investment and promote local sustainability. Since launching in Burundi in 2009, LN operations have expanded to Uganda, the DRC, and now Malawi, impacting over 1.2 million patient visits each year, at a program cost of $.67 cents per visit. On average, LN partner health facilities see a 103% improvement in quality of care within one year of partnership.

“Over 90% of women deliver their babies at health facilities in Malawi, but both maternal and infant mortality rates are still high,” said Elin Henrysson, who led the Malawi Assessment for LN. “This represents a huge opportunity for LifeNet to impact the maternal and neonatal health outcomes at Malawian health centers.”

In the coming year, LN expects health workers at partner health facilities to provide care for mothers and babies in more than 9,000 deliveries. By training health workers in life-saving interventions, including treating postpartum hemorrhage and newborn resuscitation, LN ensures that mothers and babies in partner health clinics receive high-quality care during pregnancy and delivery.

In addition to improving care for vulnerable mothers and babies, LN partnerships will significantly improve the quality of the primary care local health facilities provide for their communities—reducing the burden of disease for men, women, and children in Malawi.  

About LifeNet International: Founded in 2009 by an entrepreneur, LifeNet International partners with local, last-mile health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa to bridge the deadly gap separating existing knowledge, tools, and resources from the health workers who need them to save lives. LifeNet rapidly and effectively deploys life-saving and life-improving interventions directly to health workers and staff at last-mile facilities. Through its growing franchise network of 110+ facilities, LifeNet transforms healthcare for more than 1 million patient visits every year in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Malawi.

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