Seasonal Rains and Health Center Gains: Fall Recap

The rainy season is underway here in Burundi and the rains are rejuvenating the tired, dusty ground. Although the rains don’t always make for easy access to our partner clinics, our Nurse and Management Training teams are still conducting trainings all around the country, equipping and empowering staff at our 51 partner health centers. With these 51 current partners, only 9 remain until we reach one of our major goals: 60 partner health centers in Burundi providing the best health care in the country to over 10% of the entire population.

Towards the Goal

More than 9 health centers who are motivated to learn and improve the way they serve their communities are already awaiting LN Partnership. The only remaining barrier to these partnerships is the funding necessary to hire a new Burundian Nurse Trainer, Management Trainer, and Assistant. Our current teams are stretched to the max providing training for our 51 current partner centers.

To that end, we ask that you consider partnering with us in transforming African health care by making a donation to LifeNet International. For 67 cents, you can double the quality of care a patient receives during a visit. For $670, you can double the quality of care for 1,000 patient visits! This gift not only increases quality of care for these visits, but has a multiplying effect as health care standards are raised across the region. No matter how many patient visits you are able to sponsor, know that your gift will have a lasting impact on the lives and communities of the people of Burundi. The nurses and staff at health centers across the country are eager to learn. Will you partner with them as they equip themselves to serve their communities? To give or to learn more about giving, click here. For information on sponsoring a full partnership with a rural health center or a training team (medical trainer, management trainer, and assistant), contact us.

Annual Report and Publications

Have you seen our annual report? Click here to read about our journey in 2013 and learn more about our philosophy, metrics, team, and achievements. Download the .pdf to read it two pages at a time in its original format.

Elsewhere, the LN team has been active championing innovation in health care networks that need it most. Here, you can read an article by LN Executive Director and Burundi Country Director Stefanie Weiland, published by the The Lancet Global Health Blog. The subject? 5 steps towards patient-centred innovations (“patient-centered” for American readers).

The Role of Business in Eradicating Poverty

On October 7, the American Enterprise Institute hosted LN Board Member Peter Greer and LN Co-Founder Jonathan O’Connor for a presentation and panel on the role of business in eradicating poverty. The presentations, panels, and lively Q&A session were recorded and are available here. We definitely encourage you to watch the video!

New US Director

As of October 1st, Natasha Hope officially became LifeNet’s new US Director. In September, Tash visited LN’s operations in Burundi for the first time. You can see her pictured here in the center, smiling alongside a number of our staff in Burundi. We have already been blessed by her enthusiasm and extensive background as a senior executive for PAREXEL, a multinational pharmaceutical company and ISI, a Christian non-profit.

Thank You

On behalf of everybody at LifeNet, thank you for your support. Whether you support our work through prayer, networking, or financial donations, you play an integral role in the organization and transformation of health care in East Africa. Stay tuned next month for additional updates and, in the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us!


Michael Brooks
Communications Officer
LifeNet International